New York City 11/2015

Our original plan for the weekend called for us to head to North Carolina for a soccer tournament.  Late Thursday night we got word that the tournament was cancelled. Since we were already packed we decided why not take a trip to the Big Apple instead.  Once we got to the city, we met up with my cousin Erica who we hadn’t seen in a long time. She showed us around Manhattan and Central Park and then helped us figure out a game plan for Saturday.

All-in-all we did what I guess most people do when you go to NYC for the first time.  We visited the Central Park Zoo, the One World Observatory, the Empire State Building, the famous Macy’s in Herald Square, and Tiffany’s on 5th Ave.  We got some cheesecake at Junior’s, ate hot dogs from street vendors, and got some late night slices of pizza. We road the subway and the girls got to do a little shopping in Times Square.  Everyone had a blast! We’re already planning to go back so we can catch a Broadway show.

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